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Develop Law and Society discipline in Palestine

Curriculum Development

One of the long term objectives of the Law and Society Department is the elaboration of a law and society curriculum at Birzeit University. If developed, it will be the first program of its kind taught in Palestine. After consultation with different socio-legal experts and on the basis of the curricula of international universities teaching socio-legal studies, "Law and Society" will be taught in a joint effort with different departments of the Institute.

Seminars and workshops regarding Law and Society

In an ongoing effort to promote socio-legal studies, create an international network of scholars and build relevant capacities, the Law and Society Department plans to regularly organize seminars and workshops that will help grasp the various concepts regarding the study of law and society. The Department aims at generating interest in the field, raise awareness and advertises different relevant activities in Palestine and overseas.

The first seminar entitled “Law and Sovereignty and Access to Rights in the West Bank” was held at the Institute on the 20th of March 2006 by Tobias Kelly, from the Center for Law and Society, Edinburgh University.

Building Resources in Law and Society at Birzeit

The field of Law and Society is vast and diverse. It has its very particular canon, group of scholars and reviews. The Institute of Law has devoted itself to collecting the following data in order to make socio-legal approaches accessible and understandable:

  1. Articles from Law and Society reviews, and relating to socio-legal issues, including the main theories and case studies.
  2. Articles dealing with Palestinian legal reform and socio-legal matters.
  3. Relevant books and manuals (mainly in English)
  4. Information from websites about specialized university programs, institutes and centers in the field of Law and Society.