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“The Management of the Legislative Process”

The research study is divided into four main parts:


  •  Introduction “The Legislative Plan and the Legislative Priorities”
  • First Chapter “The Legislative Plans in the Palestinian Authority (PA) Areas”
  • Second Chapter “Government Management of Legislative Process in its initial Phases: Foreign and Arab Expertise”
  • Third Chapter “Conclusion and Proposed Scenarios”

This study tackled the importance of the legislative priorities and their relation with the legislative plan. In addition to the aims of the legislative priorities and the basics of the legislative plan, it also included the role of the President and the Legislative Council in managing the Legislative process in Palestine.

The study is summarized by the fact that the Legal Organization of the Government management of legislative process (Government Legislative Plan) is missing, vague, unclear.  This has urged us to recommend certain legislative modifications to Palestinian lawmakers, in accordance with the Legislative proceeding plan of the Palestinian Government.
The study reflects on the extent of adherence of Palestinian government to Ministerial plans, in terms of implementing proposals presented to PLC. Most of the governmental plans were not sufficiently implemented, due to the absence of a legal body which defines mechanisms for implementing such plans, in addition to political, economic factors which hinder the implementation of Government plans.
The study elaborated on different scenarios and the lessons that can be learned from other countries. These scenarios were divided as follows:

  • Role of Diwan Al-Fatwa Wa-Tashri’(The Bureau of Opinion and Legislation) in the Legislative  Process Management
  • Role of Ministry of Planning in managing the legislative process
  • Elaborating potential scenarios to future mechanisms of government action in implementing legislative plans
  • Establishment of a central body to be tasked with coordinating the process of setting the legislative programmes and plans.


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