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Informal Judicial System



22/12/2003 - 22/6/2005


  1. IDRC


  1. D. Samer Fares  legal supervisor of the research
  2. Dema AL-Khaledy  project
  3. Doha Mansor  sociological researcher
  4. Dr.Fares Melhem  legal supervisor of the research
  5. Jamel helal  sociological researcher - research supervisor
  6. Leiza Traky  sociological researcher - research supervisor
  7. Mahmoud Dodeen  legal researcher
  8. Mahmoud Fayyad  legal researcher
  9. Samer eshbeta  legal


  1. Civil Society Activities Work Hand in Hand to Create a Nationally-Owned Vision for the Justice Sector in Palestine
  2. Tribal Justice: Rule of Law and Dispute Resolution in Palestine


  1. Informal Justice - 2006