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Established in 1993, the Institute of Law (IoL) at Birzeit University is one of the main components that contribute to updating necessary legal infrastructures in Palestine as well as building human and institutional capacities on the academic and professional levels. IoL has attained an in-depth understanding of the legislative, legal and judicial fields in Palestine. In addition, IoL has developed an ability to define needs, propose solutions and carry out relevant expedient projects. IoL conducts research, issues publications, and constitutes a centre for legal information. In addition, IoL offers a Master Programme, manages Continuing Education Programmes and hosts seminars and conferences aimed at various target groups. Within its scope of work, IoL also offers consultations and research services. For implementation of its tasks, IoL incorporates various units:
Research and Publication Unit : The Research and Publication Unit includes research departments operating on various fields: Comparative Law Department that features the International Law. In cooperation with European publishers, IoL issues Palestine Year book of International Law , Law and Society Department addresses the reciprocal effect between law and the society , Constitutional Law Department and Legislative Support Department that is primarily concerned with applied research. The Legislative Assistance Department prepares evidence for the purposes of legislative drafting as well as the drafting of laws and bylaws. In addition, the Department conducts studies on laws and legal environment. IoL’s publications have therefore enriched the Palestinian legal library.
Information Centre Unit : The Information Centre Unit incorporates Montesquieu Legal Library , Data Bank Department in charge of the Palestinian Legal and Judicial System (AL MUQTAFI), which contains databases on Legislation, Judicial Judgements, International Documents as well as information on the Palestinian legal community; and Information Technology (IT) Department.
Continuing Education Unit : The Continuing Education Unit offers the Professional Diploma in Legal Practice (PDLP) for young lawyers. PDLP offers a professional course with knowledge, skills, and values to help lawyers practice law in Palestine. Also available at this Unit is the Continuing Judicial Education Programmes for judges and members of the Public Prosecution as well as those occupying administrative positions in the Judiciary. In addition, the Continuing Education Unit holds needed training activities on legal developments and hosts Birzeit Legal Encounters These are a series of regular seminars on specific topics of concern to the legal community in Palestine. Moreover, the Continuing Education Unit organises conferences, seminars and workshops on current legal issues.
Master Programme : The Institute of Law launched its Master of Laws Program in 1996. Graduates from the Master Programme now occupy notable positions in the Palestinian society. In 2006, the Programme was transferred to the Department of Law at the Faculty of Law and Public Administration , which was inaugurated in 2004 as one of IoL’s projects.
IoL is managed by an Administrative Unit consisting of the Director’s Office , Programmes Management , Financial Affairs Department and Administrative Affairs Department. These programmes are carried out by IoL Team which comprises researchers , training researchers , librarians , IT staff , administrative staff and Assistants Together, these carry out the core of IoL activities. When necessary and feasible, IoL staff members seek assistance from local and international experts. To implement its programmes, IoL relies on internal and external resources. As such, IoL obtained grants from a large number of donors Additionally, IoL profits from revenues of the consultations it offers as well as from other endowments that have been designated sustain its operation.