HOME Strategic Plan


The PMD will focus its energy to build on the rich experience of the IoL and further develop the capacity and quality of  its staff.

 The PMD will work to achieve and enhance the following principles and goals:

  Support a culture of diverse thinking where all ideas/questions are heard and explored.
  1. Develop, implement and maintain an internal communication system designed to foster dialogue and information sharing between and among researchers, administrators, and staff.
  2. Support and maintain a working environment conductive to critical thinking.
  3. Respect of the human dignity of all employees and provide professional treatment based on their abilities and performance, and motivate employees for self development through fair evaluation.
  4. Critical analysis and further development of existing policies and programmes.
  5. Enhance the leading role of the IoL through developing, and implementing innovative ideas.
  6. Improve the skills of all employees by using modern technologies, seminars, conferences, courses, etc.
  7. Foster and continue to offer interdisciplinary studies in order to address efficiently controversial scientific problems.
  8. Strengthen the Institute’s relation with the international community and emphasise the role of the IoL as an interface between international and Palestinian institutions, and continue to provide a neutral environment for enabling communication between these institutions.