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Launching a training course in Gaza on “The integration of gender standards into the work of Palestinian Lawyers

The Birzeit University Institute of Law (IoL), in cooperation with the Palestinian Bar Association, launched on Saturday, July 9, 2011, a training course on the “The Integration of Gender Standards into the Work of Palestinian Lawyers”” in the framework of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).   The course focuses on providing training in gender issues with an aim of integrating them in the work of the project’s target audiences.
In his address, the Deputy Head of the Bar Association, Mr. Salamah Bseiso, explained the importance of this course for the work of lawyers as it will contribute to empowering them in the gender subject-matter.  That will enhance the awareness, knowledge and skills in addressing the issues with a new perspective.  He called upon the participants to constantly seek to gain skills and transfer their skills and experiences to their colleagues.  Mr. Bseiso thanked IoL for its efforts in enhancing the professionalism of lawyers in the field of the law profession.
The IoL coordinator in the Gaza Strip, Ms. Liana Al-Tunisi, welcomed the trainees.   She highlighted the importance of partnership with the Tami Training Institute, which is implementing the project activities in the Gaza Strip, and the importance of cooperation with the Palestinian Bar Association in making the training course a success.  She explained the objective of the project, which is to limit gender-based discrimination in all its forms including the cases of violence against women and increasing the enhancement of the equality of women in all sectors including decision-making positions.
As for Ms. Amal Siam, the trainer for the first day, she explained the importance of understanding the particularity of both women and men in order to arrive at fair procedures in the lawyers’ work, by presenting the bases, foundations and roles of gender.  Siam also explained during the training activities the strategic gender needs and the need for the consideration of gender as a development issue.
The course lasts for five days in the period of July 9-13, 2011, and 28 lawyers, both men and women, who come from the various governorates of the Gaza Strip, are taking part.  Also, a select group of specialized trainers who will provide training on a number of topics according to the course program are taking part.