“Enhancing Democracy” Local Elections

The project is an attempt to reinforcing and fostering the principles of integrity and transparency in local elections, and promoting democracy during the whole process. The project will focus on building skills of key actors in addition to raising awareness of the best practices. This will reflect positively in promotion of democracy in the state.

Overall objective:
The project aims mainly to promote skills of legal practitioners and interest elections observers on the one hand, and on raising public awareness of the elections procedures and different phases, in the West Bank and Gaza

Specific objectives:

  • Building the capacities of actors in civil society organizations in the oversight of the electoral process
  • Developing legal practitioners’ capacities in managing electoral challenges and applying all related mechanisms and procedures
  • Raising the awareness of Local Authorities’ members on their rights and obligations
  • Disseminating the electoral culture in the civil society organizations
  • Prepare awareness guiding manuals for the civil society on election challenges and observation of local elections and their role in promoting the bases and principles of integrity of the electoral process.

July- December 2011

Status of the project:

Konrad Adenauer


  • Mahmoud Alawneh
  • Haya Haj Ahmad
  • Fayez Bkeirat
  • Nidal Barham

Activities and outputs:

  • Three guiding brochures on:

a. Electoral challenges and their procedures and management

b. Oversight of electoral process and its principles and procedures

C. Rights, Obligations of Local Authorities’ Members

  • A one day conference on the concept of “Statehood