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Three recent publications on law and anti-corruption activity

As an outcome of a joint research effort with the Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC), the Institute of Law (IoL) at Birzeit University recently published three research papers on the rule of law and anti-corruption activity.

All publications highlight new trends in the fight against corruption. Entitled Rules of Investigating Corruption Crimes, the first paper introduces search and investigation techniques. It also provides an overview of the specific nature and mechanisms of the preliminary investigation of corruption crimes. The second paper on Digital Evidence examines technicalities, analysis and documentation of digital evidence. Also exploring legislature’s attitude, the paper pays special attention to the determinative effect of digital evidence. The third paper on Asset Recovery investigates international and regional legal frameworks of asset recovery, with a special focus on the recent Palestinian experience in this area. 

These research papers were developed by both IoL and PACC researchers, including Mustafa Farhan, Alaa’ an Naqib, Ahmed Hamou, Wala’ Abdullah, Ala’ Awwad, Narmin Marmash, Ismat Sawalhah, and Mazen Lahham. All papers were reviewed by Dr. Yaser al Amouri and Ms. Rasha Amarneh.