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The Contours of a Future State

Under the context of “The Contours of a Future State” project, the Institute of Law at Birzeit University commissioned these papers. This study aims to provide the reader with a compendium of Palestinian thinking, through three different papers that discuss legal aspects related to the features of a Palestinian state from constitutional, economic and international law approaches.

I.                    A Constitutional Framework of a Future Palestinian State – Dr. Asem Khalil

This paper examines the Palestinian constitutional system, and discusses different concepts of the “separation of powers,” through different aspects. Moreover, this paper examines the legislative process, its enforcement mechanisms, and the administration of public finance. This paper also discusses the secular/religious orientation of the state, and provides recommendations towards the preferred state’s orientation.

II.                A Legal Framework of Future Palestinian Citizenship and Citizens’ Rights – Reem Al  Botmeh

This paper first provides an overview of the underlying basis of the Palestinian citizenship. The author discusses the right to citizenship, and provides a comparison between citizenship and nationality.  Additionally, the author discusses equality, and social diversity under the framework of nationality. This paper also analyzes citizens’ rights and political participation, and the framework of citizens’ rights and freedoms.


III.             The Future Palestinian Economy – Dr. Nasser Abdelkarim

The author in this paper analyzes different economic and market aspects relating to the public and private sectors. More specifically, the author discusses the equilibrium between urban and rural markets on the one hand, and the equilibrium between the agriculture, manufacture, and service industries on the other. Additionally, this paper analyzes the relationship between the public and private sectors, and domestic and external economic activity in the occupied Palestinian Territory. Finally, the author presents an analysis on the prospects of integrating the Palestinian economy with other economies such as that of Israel and Arab countries.  The author concludes by setting the minimum basic requirements needed for a viable Palestinian economy.


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