Legal Skills Training Programme

Since it was established, the Institute of Law (IoL) of Birzeit University has paid special attention to continuing legal education. In this vein, provision of capacity building and training to lawyers and legal advisors have been a major focus of IoL’s unrelenting endeavour. From its onset, the IoL has organised scores of tailor-made training courses and legal encounters designed to provide legal expertise and skills in a plethora of practical aspects, which members of the legal community need in their daily work. These courses and encounters have been welcomed and attracted a high turnout of participants from across the spectrum, including practicing and trainee lawyers. Training exercises have also contributed to creating and developing a new technique and source that helps legal practitioners further enhance their practical expertise and professional skills. In this vein, the IoL has developed and introduced the Specialised Professional Diploma Programme in Legal Skills as well as other diploma programmes.

Overall objective:
The Specialised Professional Diploma Programme in Legal Skills is designed to qualify and train legal advisors, improve their professional capacities, and help them carry out assigned functions effectively and efficiently. The Programme is a step forward towards professional legal education of civil servants, who provide professional legal services.  

Specific objectives:
The Diploma Programme is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide an educational programme that supports participants with legal expertise, professional practical skills, and values to help them carry out their legal functions both effectively and optimally.
  • Upgrade and improve professional performance and support practical capacity of participants to enable an effective and efficient exercise of the legal career.
  • Create equitable opportunities to provide capacity building and train participants, and provide a new source to be utilised for development of professional activity.
  • Promote the legal profession, consolidate principles of justice, and ensure respect of law and rule of law.
  • Ensure that participants learn informed legal approaches to various types of legal drafting.
  • Standardise legal language and maintain a common language for building legal skills.

Status of the project:



  • Mahmoud Alawneh – Director
  • Razan Barghouti- Researcher
  • Ala Hamad- Researcher

Activities and outputs:

  • Development and arrangement of training courses into training kits
  • Providing training