Review of labor legislation

To carry on its role in the legislative reform process throughout the Palestinian Territory, the Institute of law, with all of its competence in legal areas, added to the different components of the legislative process, and in accordance with an agreement signed with the Palestinian Ministry of Law, shall henceforth conduct a global review of Labor Laws effective in Palestine.

It should be noted that the Palestinian Labor Law No. (7) for the year 2000 has been in effect 10 years ago and raised a number of controversial legal issues upon implementation. Henceforth collective labor disputes emerged pinpointing certain legislative lacuna in the labor law, which need to be addressed. Subsequently, it became quite necessary to carry out a thorough review of all labor laws in Palestine as a socioeconomic priority at both government and community levels.

Overall objective:
The implementation of labor laws over the past ten years has pinpointed gaps in the legislation, which consequently affect the socioeconomic conditions of the largest segment of the Palestinian society. It is therefore a dire need to review these laws and apply a multi-phased methodology

1/1/2011= 31/12/2011

Status of the project:

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS)


  • Fayez Bkeirat
  • Mahmoud Alawneh – Researcher
  • Haya Haj- Ahmad
  • Nidal Barham

Activities and outputs:
Reference studies:

A.    Labour Justice in Palestine: Challenges and Opportunities.
B.    The Legal Regulation of Union Activity in Palestine
C.    The Current Situation of Labour Inspection in Palestine
D.    Gender and Labour Legislation
E.    A General Legal Review of the Palestinian Labour Law: Individual Employment Contract
F.    The Social Security System
G.    Work Injuries and Occupational Health and Safety