The Guide to Palestinian Business Law

Foreign investment plays a significant role in economic development. It increases production and investment rates as well as bridges the gap between local entry and investment.

Palestine needs to attract any investments that will realise its aspirations of development. In this context, PA grants such investments legal and economic incentives and capacities as well as effective techniques and guarantees that will assure investors in their investment projects. These incentives insure investors that their ultimate goal of profit-making will be accomplished within a fully integrated framework in the host country.

Therefore, IoL has worked towards publishing a Palestinian Guide to Business Law, targeting foreign and local investors. The Guide introduces Palestinian laws and procedures relating to investment and the exercise of commercial activity in Palestine.

Overall objective:
The Palestinian Guide to Business Law sheds light on the economic legislation applicable in the PA-controlled territory, including commercial, financial and tax regulations. The Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) has already passed a package of economic and commercial laws that regulate several aspects of the economic life in Palestine. Furthermore, the Guide attempts to concentrate on, make clear and assess the legal environment surrounding investment in the Palestinian territory. As a major Guide, it contributes to raising awareness of the Palestinian investment-related legislation and system.

Specific objectives:

21/5/2012 -  30/11/2012
Status of the project:

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS)


  • Mahmoud Alawneh: Researcher
  • Fayez Bkeirat: Researcher
  • Hisham Awwad: Researcher
  • Haya Haj: Ahmad

Activities and outputs:
The Palestinian Guide to Business Law