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Import-Distribution Relations in the Palestinian Territories

Whilst most studies on the Protocol on Economic Relations, also known as the Paris Economic Protocol (PEP), are economic in nature, this study examines the trade aspects of the PEP and their implementation under a different, wider perspective.  This study looks at the direct subject matter resulting on the ground from the implementation of the import-contractual (agency and distributorship contracts) relations formed under the PEP.

This study attempts to analyze these relations under the different, but related, perspectives of history and political economy, legislation and policy, and contractual stipulation. These international agreements, in the form of import-distribution contracts, concluded directly with international manufacturing and trading partners, are the subject of this study. This study will be divided into three chapters, provided in the following manner.

Chapter One

The first chapter will examine the evolvement and repercussions of import-distribution relations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip (WBGS), given that the Palestinian market is the second biggest importer of Israeli products after the United States. The Israeli resistance to the appearance of Palestinian import-distribution relations with international agencies and manufacturers is a major topic of this chapter.

Chapter Two

The second chapter tackles the regulatory framework defining the practice of import-distribution activities in WBGS, such as the legislation governing this activity. Additionally, this chapter analyzes the Palestinian National Authority’s policy on import-distribution activities in WBGS, whilst highlighting the Commercial Agencies Activities Draft Law.

Chapter Three

The third chapter addresses distribution agreements in the broader sense, by sampling 40 distribution and/or commercial agency agreements/contracts. By doing so, the study aims to evaluate the position of Palestinians with regards to the stipulations on the contract binding them. The 40 contracts/agreements examined are collected during an 8 month period between 1997 and 1998.

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